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Age of Mythology 2.7 Patch Preview (Update!)

Hello legends! We’ll begin by sending a heartfelt thanks to everyone playing and posting their thoughts about the updates we released with the Age of Mythology 2.7 Patch Preview! We’ve already received a good deal of feedback and positivity regarding our initial changes—so many that we’re ready to bring you another update with a handful of additional fixes. Our focus with this update is on fixing several bugs reported during the 2.7 Patch Preview, along with implementing a handful of adjustments to the much-discussed Chinese civilization.

Here’s how you can download the latest update:

Here’s how to participate in the 2.7 Patch Preview:

  1. Open and sign into Steam.
  2. Find Age of Mythology: Extended Edition in your Steam library.
  3. Right-click the game and select Properties.
  4. Select the BETAS tab.
  5. Select patch-2.7-public-beta- from the first dropdown menu. The update will begin downloading automatically in the background.
  6. Select Close in the bottom right of the Properties window.
  7. Open the game. The bottom of the title screen should read 2.7.4172382.

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

Once you’ve had an opportunity to play with the changes, let us know what you think over in the official Age of Mythology forum, where we’ll be taking notes about your experience:

💬 DISCUSS: Age of Mythology Patch 2.7 Preview (Discussion Thread)
💬 MYTH FORUM: Age of Mythology Discussion Forum

We look forward to hearing what you think, so get to it; PROSTAGMA!

—The Age of Empires Team

Update 2.7.4


  • Fixed errors in the English language file thanks to feedback by community members.
  • Added missing strings to the English language file.
  • Fixed a few bugs dealing with model special effects.
  • Fixed a display bug with Steam names.
  • Fixed a bug where the game failed to detect desyncs.



  • Fixed a bug where cavalry could garrison in town centers and towers.
  • Fixed a bug where a Harpy could get sucked into the Implode God Power and stop it from working.
  • Fixed a bug where you could eject units across the map with transport ships.
  • Fixed a bug where caravans could drop off gold on a market that was not fully built.
  • Fixed a bug where Apollo’s Healing Temple tech would work on a temple that is not fully built.





  • Increased the cooldown of Kronos’s Deconstruct God Power from 240 → 270 seconds.


  • Chieroballista: Decreased movements speed from 4.00 → 3.85.
  • Satyr: Increased the cost to train from 18 Favor, 225 Wood → 20 Favor, 250 Wood.



  • Immortals are now trainable without a temple in the first mission of the Tale of the Dragon campaign.


  • Tsunami: Decreased persistent hack damage dealt by the wave from 5.5 → 4.0, and persistent crush damage from 3.0 → 2.25.
  • Inferno: Decreased the maximum damage dealt to enemy villagers from 1000 → 800.


  • Fire Lance: Pierce damage decreased from 6.4 → 4.0.
  • Fire Lance: Bonus vs. Archers increased from 1.5 → 2.5.
  • Immortal: Health decreased from 160 → 150.
  • Pixiu: Increased the Gold generation rate from 1.5 → 2.5 units/second.
  • War Chariot: Hack damage increased from 12 → 13
  • War Chariot: Training time decreased from 12 → 9 seconds


  • Jade Rabbit: Increased the research cost from 10 Favor, 150 Food → 15 Favor, 225 Food.
  • Rammed Earth: Now grants all buildings an additional 10% hack armor.



  • Fixed a bug where empowerment for all building actions provided by the Pharaoh and Son of Osiris units was lower than intended.


  • Fixed a bug where Sea Snakes could not attack land units.



  • Sentinel: Increased the max radius from 24 → 26.


  • Fixed a bug where Myrmidons did not receive their bonus vs. Axeman, Bondi, Chinese Servant, Skraeling, and Throwing Axeman.



  • Walking Woods: Default stance changed from Defensive to Aggressive; AI type switched from Ram to HandCombative.
  • Fixed a bug where a Frost Giant’s death would use the Colossus’ death sound.
  • Added death sounds to Mountain Giants.

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