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Wololo Wednesday Winners for September! And challenge for October.

Greetings, Warriors, and welcome to the newest Wololo Wednesday.

As always, you astound us with your creativity so a round of applause to everyone who entered. And now, the winners from September!



“In my vision of the final battle, the deads fight against the lives in the south side of the wall.”



“I do not know anything about Game of Thrones, but I thought I would enter anyway. The following is very tongue-in-cheek, and should not be taken as actually have anything to do with the show.”

The amassed forces of Good, commanded by Our Hero, face the evil Undead army. The fighting is Fierce.

When the Undead army is once more Dead, only Our Hero and the enemy leader remain. It is then Revealed that the character who died way back at the beginning of the show and hasn’t been mentioned since actually Survived by hiding in the mountains.

She has summoned an army of furious Monkeys which now threaten Our Hero. Protesting that those are actually Apes, Our Hero responds by producing an army of flying Dogs.

I don’t know who will win, but it will be Epic.



The combined armies of the North and Daenerys are meeting the NIght King’s Horde in the woods outside Winterfell to compensate their numerical disadvantage:

You have the left commanded by Jon

The center held by Thormund

And then a weak right flank held by the Targaryen light units

Do not be fooled, however. Jaime and Bronn are ready to command a chosen group of dothraki and Vale knights to hammer the army of the undead from behind.

The Unsullied and Greyworm will then make the final push on the center:

In the meantime Tyrion and the Queen are anxiously watching the battle from the uphill camp.

The dead are advancing! Will Jon hold his own?

Daenerys is risking her own life in an epic showdown between her and the Night king on their respective dragons!

In the heat of battle the golden band hired by Cersei Lannister has arrived. They will wait the end of the battle or come to the rescue of their fellow humans?




I think that final battle, only one that matter living against the dead, will take place near The Wall on the demolished Eastwatch.
Army of the dead will consist mainly (what a surprise :) ) of the dead humans and among them dead bears and giants as well. On the the hill above the army there are few white walkers commanding the army and of course the Night King riding now undead Viserion. On the far left top corner you may notice few crows spectating the coming event, Bran needs to see all after all.

Bellow the wall awaits the army of the Dany and Jo.. I mean Aegon :) Two mentioned riding dragonsand soldiers lined up : On the left and right flanks famed Dothraki cavalry, center left are mainly free folk and northeners with unsulied on their right.

Watching the battle from the sea there are ironborn ships with mercenaries waiting to finish whichever of the two armies comes victorious from the battle. Eurons flagship in the front



Well, I tried it the difficult way.

Well, I tried it the difficult way. As you see the blue (u know who) is ready with his companions to defeat the Night (red). What he is not expecting after such a great battle (u can see the remains and the last horses leaving the battlefield), is that in the path behind the old King is his last resort…. the Dragons lair….and its Housekeeper…

PS 1 (U asked the FINAL battle so I guess there will be just 2 standing…)
PS 2 Snow is missing because in this editor… there was no Snow (if u know what I mean ;) )


Congrats to the winners! You will be getting a PM from me shortly so keep an eye on your forums inbox.

For October, we’re going to join the Halloween theme. We want you to depict your ideal haunted village/town in Age of Empires style! Your entry MUST include an image (max of 3 images) and must relate to an Age of Empires game (or an illustration having to do with one). You may also include a written portion explaining your entry that may be no more than 600 characters in length (not including spaces); if your entry includes non-English words, you must provide an accurate English translation of those words in your written portion.


We’ll pick our five favorites from the submissions and that’s it! Super easy to enter so what are you waiting for? Entries must be appropriate and can be submitted via the forums thread here before 5:00 PM PDT on October 25, 2017. You can find the full official rules here.

Bonne chance!


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