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Age of Esports (October Edition)

October is here—and what a month it shall be! The community is hard at work building the best, adrenaline-fueled tournaments across the Age of Empires franchise! Learn all about these upcoming battles and how YOU can participate: there’s plenty of action for all levels of competitive play, including ample opportunities to cheer for your favorite player!

What are you waiting for? Come play!

Current and Upcoming Tournaments

With September now behind us, the month ahead looks to be a big one for the Age of Empires Community. There are sign-ups for tournaments of all skill levels where you can choose to get involved or watch along as a spectator!

Below, you will find a list of details, sign-ups, brackets, and schedules where you can tune in to all the action; we hope you’re ready for another exciting month!

King of the Desert 3 ⭐


King of the Desert 3—hosted by MembTV and sponsored by Pinztec and Microsoft—began this past September with 64 players. Now, after two rounds of single-elimination, 48 matches and 132 games, we’re down to the top 16 players in the world!

  • Group A: TheViper, TheMax, dogao, BacT
  • Group B: Hera, TaToH, Fat_Dragon, Villese
  • Group C: Liereyy, Nicov, DauT, Vinchester
  • Group D: Mr_Yo, MbL40C, StrayDog, chart

While many familiar faces made it to the group stage, the single-elimination matches were not without their surprises! Notably, LaaaaaN, ACCM, and Capoch—each of whom were seeded significantly higher than their opponents—did not manage to make it into the final sixteen. However, BacT, StrayDog, and chart fought against the odds and managed to secure well-deserved victories! So far, the most notable performance is by chart (seed 46), who had to overcome two expert players, F1Re and ACCM, to earn his spot.

All matches from the group stage and final playoffs will be streamed live!

Town Bell Cup III

OPEN OCT. 10 – 11 N/A TBD

The Town Bell Cup 3—hosted by WeCompete—is the third installment of this 2-day, 1v1, single-elimination Arabia tournament. Featuring a group stage followed by silver and gold single-elimination brackets, this open ELO tournament aims to provide a fun and competitive environment for players of all levels. It also offers a combined prize pool of $110 split between the top three players in the Gold Bracket and the top player in the Silver Bracket.

The action kicks off on Saturday, October 10th, and Sunday, October 11th at 15:00 CET on both days. There will be multiple casters streaming the event; a confirmed list will be announced soon on WeCompete’s Facebook and Discord server!

Knights of the Empire

OPEN (until OCT. 8) OCT. 10 – DEC. 5 1300 – 1600 TBD

Knights of the Empire—hosted by Ndurrance—is a 1v1 Empire Wars tournament. Participants are required to be between 1300 – 1600 ELO to play, as this ensures matches are close and upsets possible while simultaneously offering a chance for players to compete seriously.

  • Sign-ups: October 8
  • Seeding and bracket: October 10
  • Group stages R64, R32, R16: October 11 – November 21
  • Semi-final, R8: November 22 – November 28
  • Final: November 29 – December 5

Registration is still open; so, if you want your shot at the prize, now is the time to join!

Feudal Age Cup


The Feudal Age Cup is the second in a series of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition tournaments hosted by In Season eSports. With a larger prize pool of $100, the tournament has started off with quite a bang: with over 150+ participants registered! Follow kevz_aoe on Twitch to watch the tournament games that are streamed regularly. (If you’re not able to watch live, don’t worry; In Season releases regular highlight reels on their Youtube channel.)

Next up is The Castle Age Cup, so make sure you are tuned for updates. You can also join the official Discord channel to become a part of a growing community of players, streamers, and casters with a shared love for the game!

Masters of RMS


Masters of RMS is a 1v1 tournament dedicated to the map creators of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. During the event, players will battle on maps created exclusively for the tournament by four of the most well-known map makers in the community:

  • AlgernonR
  • Chrazini
  • HenkDeSuperNerd
  • Zetnus

The event also features a contest for up-and-coming map creators: one talented person will get to see their map played in the grand final! On top of that, the prize pool will be split 50/50 between players and creators, and each contributor will get their fair and deserved share of the spotlight through the course of this event. The tournament—a 16 participant single-elimination cup format—will start in the first week of October and continue through the rest of the month.

Round 1 begins Saturday, October 5th!

Llama's Chaos Cup

CLOSED SEP. 5 – OCT. 4 <1300 – 1700

Llama’s Chaos Cup—hosted by Demonllama42—is a 1v1 tournament split into two brackets: the Minor League (under 1300 Elo) and Major League (1300-1700 Elo). Participants compete with fully random civs on the most chaotic maps: including Zetnus’ HyperRandom, Water Wars, Frontier, and more! With no set meta on which to rely, players have to actively think on their feet and adapt to the situations in which they find themselves.

  • Prize Pool: $500
  • Date: Sept 5th – Oct 4th, 2020

Super LeAGE #2


SuperLeAGE #2—hosted by ram0n—is a 1v1 tournament with a group stage and double-elimination bracket format. 180 players will be seeded into six independent divisions according to their ELO. Each division has its own map pool that will be voted on by the players, and each participant will play at least four series during the tournament.

The purpose of SuperLeAGE (as an organization) is to foster competitiveness among the Age of Empires worldwide community. Everyone can participate and enjoy competitions with players of their same skill-level—no matter their ELO or nationality. Join the SuperLeAGE community as a contestant, spectator, or caster today!

Sand Box Masters 4v4 Arabia


Let’s face it: unless you have blisteringly fast APM and your name is Ørjan, it’s unlikely you’re going to be crowned “King of the Desert” anytime soon. But, perhaps with a bit of elbow grease and a shot of courage, you and your friends can one day rule the playground!

Sand Box Masters is a 4v4, single-elimination tournament played exclusively on the official King of the Desert 3 tournament map—that’s right: skimpy wood lines, disgustingly forward gold, scrumptious elephant meat, and town centers adorned with ornately-woven rugs. There’s no Age of Empires II battlefield quite as iconic as good ol’ Arabia! Individual Elo for this tournament is capped at 2k—which essentially means: no “pro” players. However, that doesn’t mean the competition isn’t as ferocious as the burning sun!

On September 15th, over 50 teams comprised of players representing an astronomical 42 different countries kicked off their campaign to hoist one of three skill-level based trophies: Elite, Middleweight, and Undercard. Loaded with beloved community members, well-known clans, and an assemblage of ragtag teams on a hunt for glory, this tournament is destined to be, well, one for the ages!

Age of Mythology Deathmatch League Season 1


Age of Mythology: Deathmatch League Season 1—brought to you by Phenomenon and Nakamura—consists of six open tournaments. Each tournament has a group stage leading into the main bracket and is played on a DM-specific balance mod. In addition to the individual $50 tournament prizes, players earn points for advancing through the rounds; at the end of the season, the top 3 will be awarded an additional $120 prize pool. 

Players gain points for each tourney series round wins:

  • Round 1 = 1 point
  • Round 2 = 2 points
  • …and so on

The sixth and final tournament will be the season finale! Only the eight highest-ranked participants will move forward, where each round will count for double points.

Be sure to join the Age of Mythology DM Discord server to be notified of future tournaments!

Spanish National Tournament 2020

CLOSED NOW! N/A Watch via toornament

TNE20 (The Spanish National Tournament 2020)—hosted by the ByT (Birras y Tapas) community—is an annual tournament aimed to include every Spanish player that wants to take part!

For the past five years, the community has been hosting a national tourney with the goal of reaching as many high-level players as possible. This year, they can proudly say that the tournament has a real prize! With over 90 players signed up and over 500€ funds raised, the organization team is quite proud of the results!

This year, the tournament is aimed at all players; therefore, different stages have been set in order to make it fun for everyone! Top players will fight through their own stages for the Spanish Crown, while others of comparable ELO are given more than one chance to prove their abilities in a separate phase!

Tournament Wrap-up

September was a great month for the Age of Empires community. Numerous tournaments concluded their final stages in thrilling battles that you definitely do not want to miss!

Empire Wars Duo

The dawn of September marked the end of the Empire Wars Duo tournament: a 2v2 event featuring Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition’s exclusive new game mode, Empire Wars. This first-of-its-kind tournament played host to some of the community’s most skilled players, which resulted in intense games throughout all three weeks of the event! Everyone battled masterfully in the fight for the $1,000+ prize pool, the title, and the crown.

The tournament featured 8 invited teams and another 8 competing for a spot during the qualifiers. Some notable names popped up during the event, including two teams from GamerLegion (TheViper, TaToH, JorDan and DauT, Slam, Nili), two teams from AfterMath gaming, and the two finalists from the recent Red Bull Wololo 2 event: Hera and Liereyy!


The tournament placed an emphasis on aggressive play in the open maps: resulting in quick, exciting games! The finals of the series gave us some amazing battles between GamerLegion’s Viper, TaToH, and JorDan versus aM’s Liereyy, Hera, and Heartt—ultimately leading to a peak of 20,000 viewers across various live streams on Twitch and Youtube.

In a back-and-forth set, Aftermath emerged victorious in a well-earned 4-2 win over GamerLegion. Congrats to Liereyy, Hera, and Heartt on their victory!

The tournament demonstrated how the Empire Wars game mode can make 2v2 games extremely aggressive and intense—yielding a lot of memorable moments from the three-week event!

Deathmatch Rising Star 3

Death Match Rising Star 3—hosted by Brisolyn and p0ni_b0i—recruited players with a maximum 1500 Elo rank(DM and RM), and was designed to give players a competitive environment where they could learn and improve. The tournament hosted 53 hopeful stars battling over five weeks of action, all for a slice of the $650 prize pool and the coveted title of DM Rising Star.


In a fascinating twist, only one player from the top 10 seeding ended up in the quarterfinals. Lower-seeded players vastly improved throughout the tournament and defeated their favored peers, leading to several exciting series and upsets throughout the event.

During the live semi-finals on September 26th, Brisolyn and TaToH co-casted The Otter One v SilverHawk series while p0ni_b0i and Nili co-casted the Funny_Liquid and FT_Wintorez 2.0 series.

This fast-paced, action-packed tournament concluded with a best-of-nine Grand Final featuring FT_Wintorez v2.0 v SilverHawk. Cast by Brisolyn, p0ni_b0i, and True, the players completed all seven games with FT_Wintorez v2.0 winning with five! Congrats to the DM Rising Star champion!

The future of DM is very bright with more players learning the Deathmatch game mode, and with an all-new Team Game Tournament hosted by wb_PolaR on the horizon!

Crystal Cup

The Crystal Cup—hosted by ShadowCrystall and ZeroZabiaswas a single-elimination, 1v1 tournament designed to highlight up-and-coming players between 1200 and 1700 Elo. The tournament offered a combined prize pool of $150 between the runner-ups and winners of each bracket.


After many weeks of intense battles and many top seeds being knocked out of the tournament, we have crowned our winners from each bracket of the Crystal Cup!

Upper Bracket:

  • Winner: Oladushek
  • Runner-Up: HamRTime

Middle Bracket:

  • Winner: Bulkward
  • Runner-Up: Yioul315

Lower Bracket:

  • Winner: CrustyCurry
  • Runner-Up: Huddz_mars

Congratulations to all of the Crystal Cup winners!

Ayre Age League Season One

From late August through the 27th of September, eight of the best players in the world fought in a lengthy tournament to see who would emerge as the champion of the first Ayre Age League. After the initial games, the final four would then join a double-elimination playoff to determine the grand champion.


The playoffs resulted in two truly memorable series! The first was the winner’s final between LaaaaaN and ACCM, which was ultimately decided by just 10 Arbalests and a Siege Tower. (If you didn’t manage to catch that live, trust us: it’s worth a watch!)

This was then followed by an incredible seven-game Grand Finals series, where two Vietnamese players fought for their country and pride. In the end, ACCM was crowned as the champion of the first Ayre Age League.

A huge thank you to everyone who tuned in throughout the tournament! Keep an eye out for more Ayre tournaments coming soon!

Horse Wars

Horse Wars was a 1v1 double-elimination Deathmatch tournament showcasing Age of Empires II’s most famous (or, perhaps, infamous) DM and cavalry-centric civilizations: the Huns, Franks, Cumans, Lithuanians, Magyars, and Tatars. Twenty-nine players joined the Arabia-only fray, making for some exciting matchups on the open battlefield!


TheCode—the runner-up of the recent Deathmatch World Cup 3—emerged victorious, overcoming Daywalker three games to zero in the Grand Final. Congratulations to TheCode on the win!

Hera's Dojo

Hera’s Dojo was an eight-player tournament for 1500 – 1700 Elo players active in Hera’s discord and community. The tournament focused on fair civilization matchups by pairing two specific civilizations with each other during each round:

  • Round 1: Huns vs Magyars
  • Round 2: Berbers vs Indians
  • Round 3: Franks vs Slavs

Before a match, Hera provided participants with his views on each civilization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as when each civ should have an advantage during the battle.

Ultimately, the tournament was a success for Hera’s community: fostering a lot of civ-specific strategy discussion. There was some skill disparity in certain matchups, but overall, the games were both competitive and educational.


In the end, HighFlyer was crowned the first-ever dojo champion. Congratulations!

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